Google Search on iOS now shows in-app content

After short links received the ability to link towards app content besides regular web pages, Google Search for iOS will display content from installed apps, just like it does on Android.

Since app content is becoming richer and more diverse as ever, functions that support it are definitely welcomed. The feature Google Search for iOS has just received, is available for Android users since 2013. Furthermore, iOS users will also get links to install apps if the search algorithm considers they provide a useful answer to their search string – this feature too was already implemented in Android although recently.

If you can’t picture how Google Search displays content from apps, the Mountain View tech giant was kind enough to illustrate with a real-life example. Say you told Google “I need a reservation at Bombay Cricket Club”. The search engine will give you results from your OpenTable app. Should you search for “puzzle games”, besides webpages you’ll likely get several apps with install buttons that are able to provide with such games in your search results.

While getting app content in search results sure seems useful it’s not at full strength yet. Google is currently working with a small number of partners such as Yellow Pages, Pinterest, Free Dictionary, Eat24, OpenTable, YouTube and Huffington Post among others.

You should also know, in-app content in search results for iOS is only shown inside the Google app and in Chrome for iPhone and iPad. Give this new feature a test and let us know if you find it useful or feel like it would only come in handy once Google expands the pool of supported apps.

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