Google URL Shortener App for Android Now Available

The URL shortening service from Google was put to excellent use by developer Thomas Devaux to create the new Google URL Shortener app and bring the power of URL shortening to Android devices. While the basic action of shortening an URL is straightforward, the app bundles a nice set of features such as the option of sharing short URLs from any app and copy them to the clipboard.

Another great thing about the app is it syncs with your Google account offering you access to all previously created short URLs, as well as the option of starring them for quick access. You can also view analytics reports on your short URLs such as the number of visitors, visitor country, where they found your URLS and other information. Optimized for both phones and tablets the app certainly deserves your attention if you want a feature-rich yet user-friendly URL shortener app.

Download Google URL Shortener app from Google Play.