Google’s ‘Meter’ live wallpaper for Android offers real-time stats on battery life, notifications and signal strength

About a week ago, Google Creative Lab launched a cool, little experiment which is actually a live wallpaper for Android devices.

Of course, it’s not one of Google’s revolutionary experiments like Google Fiber or self-driving cars, but the live wallpaper called ‘Meter’ is actually useful, not just pretty. It offers the real-time status for  cellular connection strength, number of notifications and current battery level all displayed as geometric shapes.

It has a very clean look and the size of the shapes is changing based on the current stats they’re showing and they also move around based on the orientation of your phone.

Most people try to stay away from live wallpapers as they obviously drain a little more battery compared to regular ones, but I’d say this one is worth having. While you can already see these stats in your notification bar, many custom launchers have the ability to hide it. In that case, ‘Meter’ will give you an alternative way to see this information as to not be forced to turn on the status bar just for this purpose alone.

It would be nice if Google would further improve Meter – many users, myself included, would love to see some customization options. At the very least we should be able to change the colors of the screens.

The animations are a bit glitchy right now, and the wallpaper does crash on some devices (according to user feedback), but it’s still worth giving it a try – maybe it works on yours (it did for us). You can also watch Meter in action, in the demo video below, before you decide to install it.

Download Meter (Google Play)

What do you think of Google’s new live wallpaper and what customization options would you like to see in it? Did you manage to get it working on your phone? Let us know in the comments section or give us a shout on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.