Google’s Navigation App Waze Updated with Calendar Integration

    Google’s navigation app for iOS and Android devices receives an update with a smart feature – calendar integration.

    The navigation maker Waze, acquired by Google last year, announced yesterday it is updating its iOS and Android apps to add calendar integration. Now, iPhone and Android smartphone users will be able to see events and their location information directly from Waze’s navigation list. This means that if you are organized enough to add calendar events with address attributes, the events will show up in your navigation app with location info tagged to them. So, you can ask Waze to take you directly to the place of your appointment without having to switch to the calendar app or address book.

    Waze also adds that currently only two upcoming events will be listed in Waze’s navigation list. If you don’t like the feature, you can simply disable it in your device’s settings.

    The update may take another day to roll out worldwide, but chances are you already have it.

    Google updated Waze just before New Year for iOS and Android devices, improving overall user experience with numerous tweaks, but the Calendar integration was not among them. Hence, another update rolling out less than two months later, allowing Waze communicate with Calendar app on your iOS and Android devices, leaving Windows Phone behind, at least for now.