GrabIt: Binary Usenet downloader

GrabIt is a very simple tool that will allow you to download and decode thousands of Usenet articles with a huge retention of 1800 days as of February 2014. The basic program is completely free but access to the premium services requires a subscription.

Installation & Requirements

The installation should complete very fast and is incredibly easy to get through, despite the installer offering multiple options to create shortcuts and the like. After the setup is over you will be taken to the Usenet “Thank You” webpage where you will also be able to find more information about the subscription programs. The application should support all versions of Windows from 2000 and later.


As with almost every other Usenet program, you will need to enter the details of your account and your favourite Usenet server when you first start the application. Of course, the process is painless and should not take more than a few minutes. After that, assuming everything is alright, the program will continue and will automatically start downloading information about the server you are using.

The interface itself is quite simple. Although the tools are powerful, the program does not offer a ton of different utilities. It goes straight to the point, letting you download and decode the files on the spot. Instead of focusing on flashy tools and features, the program provides a powerful interface where you can download the files you are looking for and use the same application to open them and manage them. The databases are automatically updated so the only time that user input is requires is when you want to search and download something.

The whole process is very easy. Simply find the group you want, add it to your list and then browse it to find the articles and files you want. The program also provides a Usenet Search option that lets you grab the items and store them in a folder of your choice. You will get detailed information about the files, the data usage and more. Finally, you can import NBZ files and configure the preferences from the appropriate menu in order to get the most out of GrabIt in a very simple interface.


-Fast and simple setup
-Easy to search and download whatever you are looking for
-Clean interface with an emphasis on functionality


-A bit basic in regards to the features


If you want a simple Usenet searching and downloading utility, then GrabIt should do the trick. Although the features are quite basic, the base interface is quite powerful and should allow you to browser the newsgroups fast and efficiently.