Graphically intense game ‘Pure Pool’ arrives on Android as Tegra K1 exclusive


Pure Pool Nvidia

Pure Pool IconPure Pool [Android]

Price: $5.00 (Offers in-app purchases)
Developer: Ripstone Ltd
Genre: Sports (Pool)

Watching a game that is heavy on the graphics being played on a Tegra device is always a joy and it also serves as a reminder of just how fast technology moves forward. You can see this in a variety of video games but there is just something about that portable graphical power that gets me every time. And the Android port of Pure Pool is a very good example of that.

Pure Pool Cue

Although it serves a particular niche of billiard-loving people, you might have already heard of Pure Pool as it is already available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Everything about it looks truly beautiful from the tables to the billiard balls and especially the lighting that casts very realistic shadows across the game’s world and makes everything look that much better.

Pure Pool Gameplay

The gameplay is about what you would expect from a pool game as it features various billiard games, offline play vs AI opponents and online play against actual people. There is not much innovation on the gameplay side of things though so do not expect to be amazed or anything.

The two annoying things about the game are its very limited device support and the fact that it still features in-app purchases despite the fact that it costs $5.00 to buy. I will say that if you own a Tegra K1 device and you like pool, this will probably satisfy you. And yes, the pool of people that belong to that category is probably quite small.