How To Create a Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10

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Ever since the Anniversary Update, it’s exceptionally easy to create a mobile hotspot in Windows 10. A wireless hotspot allows other devices to use your Internet connection without the need of a physical router.

Since not everyone owns a wireless router, the ability to create a mobile hotspot in Windows 10 can come in handy when you or others want to use your Internet connection on other mobile devices.

How to create a mobile hotspot in Windows 10

As I already mentioned, the options we’ll discuss below are available starting with Windows 10 Anniversary Update so make sure your PC is running this or a newer version of the OS. With that said, here’s how you can get a mobile hotspot up and running without using third-party apps:

Go to Settings -> Network & Internet-> Mobile hotspot.

create a mobile hotspot in Windows 10

The first thing you need to do is to enable the first option in the right pane called “Share my Internet connection with other devices”.

Next, there is the “Share my Internet connection from” option. Depending on your computer’s capabilities you may get to choose between Wi-Fi or Ethernet. My laptop only has Wi-Fi, which is why the option is greyed out.

Then, you can choose if you want to share your Internet connection over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Select the one you prefer.

You can also click the Edit button under your network’s details to change its name, password, and/or the network band.

This step is optional, you can always keep the default settings, but if you click the Edit button, the window above will pop-up. Click Save once you make the changes.

If your network has a randomly generated name, it’s a good idea to change it so it can be more easily recognizable.

If you scroll down a bit in the right pane, there are some more options you can explore. Firstly, you can enable the “Turn on remotely” option which allows you to turn on the mobile hotspot from another Windows 10 device that’s paired via Bluetooth with your PC.

After one or more devices are connected to your newly created hotspot, you can check out their details right under the network details.

Have you ever used a mobile hotspot in Windows 10 and are you happy with how it works? Let us know in the comments section!

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