[Guide] Customize equalizer settings per-song in iTunes

Any respectable music player comes with an equalizer. Usually, adjusting the equalizer will affect all songs you play. The exception makes it possible to customize equalizer settings per-song in iTunes.

In most music players, adjusting the equalizer levels will apply to all music. While iTunes may have its weaknesses, it is able to write metadata to your music so you can apply custom equalizer settings for specific songs. The good news is, this is not a new feature so it works even in older iTunes versions.

How to customize equalizer settings per-song in iTunes

customize equalizer settings per-song in iTunes

To start, launch iTunes and open your Music library. Choose the Songs list view from the left pane. After the list populates, right-click the “Name” field and a pop-up menu will open containing all the columns you can enable in the Songs list view. Select the “Equalizer” option from the list.

Now that you’ve displayed the Equalizer column, you will be able to customize equalizer settings per-song in iTunes. Click the button in the Equalizer column next to the song you wish to modify.

edit equalizer settings per-song in iTunes

A pop-up menu will be displayed showing all the equalizer settings you can use. Select the one you want. That’s it!

Of course, you will need to repeat the process for each song you want to have custom equalizer settings. Even more, the custom settings will be added to the songs’ metadata and synced to your iPhone and/or iPad so you can enjoy them on all your Apple devices.

The bad news is, you can’t adjust the equalizer for multiple songs at the same time and you’ll have to do it manually for each track.

Customize equalizer settings from Song Info

iTunes provides another way to adjust the equalizer settings for a certain song. Right-click the song and from the context menu select “Song Info”.

In the Song Info window go to the Options tab. There’s an “equalizer” option right below the volume adjustment slider. Simply click on the menu and you’ll be able to select one of the available equalizer presets for your song.

Truth be told, this second option is a bit slower so if you have a lot of songs for which you want to customize the equalizer we recommend you use the first method.

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