[Guide] Find your lost Android or iOS phone with Google My Account service

Google’s My Account service has been available since last year, and it just received an important update. Thanks to a new and very useful feature, it is now possible to find your lost Android or iOS phone with Google My Account service.

There are various tools Android users could have relied on until now in order to find missing phones, but the new function of My Account, even iOS users are able to locate their lost iPhones and iPads.

The My Account page has a new ‘Find your phone’ section where you can not only locate a missing device but also call it, leave contact data on its screen, lock it and secure your account.

How to find your lost Android or iOS phone with Google My Account service

Visit myaccount.gogle.com.

Log into the account you are using on your Android or iOS device.

Another method is to install the Google Search app on your Android or iOS device. You can get it from the download links below if you don’t have it already.

Download Google Search for Android (Play Store)
Download Google Search for iOS (iTunes)

With the app open, say or type in the search box ‘OK, Google, show me my Google account‘.

A future update will allow us to just speak or type our name to open My Account and we will also be able to access the service by googling ‘I lost my phone’.

Scroll down a bit and in the Find My Phone section, tap on ‘Get Started‘.

Select the device you want to find, re-enter the password of your Google account and then you will be able to access related options to locate it, make it ring, wipe its data and even send the finder a message.

Theoretically, this works for iOS devices as well, but in reality, Google’s My Account service redirects iOS users to iCloud in order to locate their missing phones. However, the Mountain View-based tech giant is working to improve this service by making it more easily accessible so hopefully they will also make it possible for iOS users to rely on it, instead of them being sent to iCloud. Otherwise, it would be easier to completely ignore this service and just use’s Apple’s Find My iPhone feature directly.

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