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Most apps and services that allow us to type text have some kind of built-in spelling and grammar check. This extends far beyond word processors such as Word and Google Docs since you will find similar capabilities in apps like PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.

The predictive text iOS feature highlights misspelled words in red. If you misspell a word, its predictions are not too great. If you’d like to get spelling and grammar check iOS, that’s far better than the default capabilities, we have the perfect tool for you.

How to get spelling and grammar check in iOS

You might be familiar with Grammarly, since it’s one of the most popular spell and style checking tools out there. You can use it as a Windows app, as a Word add-in that also works with Outlook, as a Chrome extension, as well as online.

What you might not know is that Grammarly also released an iOS keyboard, so you can also get improved spelling and grammar check on your iPhone or iPad. Keep reading to find out how to use it!

Start by going to the Grammarly Keyboard iTunes page to download and install it:

Install Grammarly Keyboard (iTunes)

Once you installed the app, open the Settings app and navigate to General -> Keyboard. Select “Add Keyboard” then tap Grammarly to add it as a keyboard. Then, tap it one more time and enable the “Full Access” option.

With Grammarly enabled as your keyboard, you can open any app that allows you to type (we used Notes as an example). Tap and hold the globe icon on the on-screen keyboard and select Grammarly on the following menu.

get spelling and grammar check in iOS

At this point, you can go ahead and start typing. Grammarly will automatically detect your mistakes. The G in the prediction bar will have a red badge showing the number of mistakes you’ve made so far. Also, you will receive a suggestion on how to fix each mistake.

You can simply tap the suggestion to replace the incorrect word. You can also undo this action if you don’t agree with Grammarly’s suggestion. It’s also worth mentioning you don’t need to fix each mistake as you type. You can type the entire text and then review the list of suggestions Grammarly provides.

In fact, I recommend you always type the whole text first and review your mistakes after that. This way, Grammarly will get the entire context and offer the most accurate fixes.

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