[Guide] Here’s how you can set any photo as an Apple Watch face

Despite the fact that the Apple Watch is the same device for every user, its appearance can be customized as to make it your own. Setting personal photos or wallpapers as your phone’s lock screen or on your computer desktop is common practice so why not do the same with your Apple Watch?

This way you can see the image of a loved one or choose a beautiful photo to match the color and style of your Watch and its band. watchOS 2 allows us to easily set any photo as the Apple Watch face.

The first thing you need to do (if you haven’t already) is to sync some photos to the Apple Watch, from the paired iPhone. You can do that by launching the Watch app on the iPhone and navigate to My Watch -> Photos.  In the ‘Photo Syncing‘ section select ‘Synced Album‘. Then, you can select which photo album from your iPhone you want to sync to the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch home screen

To continue, open the Photos app on your Watch.

Locate the photo you want to use as your custom watch face and then force touch it.

Apple Watch - Create watch face

The ‘Create Watch Face’ option should show up on the screen after a few moments. Tap on it to continue. Then, your custom Watch face will be automatically created and applied.

Custom Apple Watch face

It’s definitely a great way to customize your Watch, with all sorts of backgrounds from landscapes to abstract patterns or using personal photos of loved ones, friends or pets.

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