[Guide] Install the Moto X camera app on almost any Android device

Motorola’s Android handsets are known to have clean interfaces similar to stock Android – something many smartphone user preferring the Android ecosystem appreciate. The camera app of the Moto X Pure was designed following similar guidelines – a friendly UI with straightforward options and very comfortable usage.

In theory, the app is supposed to be a Motorola exclusive, but in reality a skilled developer can overcome such limitations. As a result, a Moto X camera app port is now available and you can install it on any Android device running Lollipop (5.0) or a newer version.

Since the port is available as an APK, you first need to enable the “Unknown sources” setting on your phone, otherwise you won’t be able to sideload apps.

Security - Unknown sources option

If you already did this go ahead and proceed to the next step. Otherwise go to Settings – > Security (or “Lock screen and security“) find the “Unknown sources” option in the list and toggle it on.

Install Motorola Camera app

To install the Motorola Camera app you must first download the APK which you can do from this link. When the app finishes downloading simply tap on the Download complete notification and select “Install” on the following screen.

You shouldn’t have any trouble using this app, since a tour highlighting its features will greet you at first run. It mainly relies on simple controls like tap the screen to take a photo, slide up and down to zoom in and out and swipe left to access the camera roll.

Swiping to the right will display the settings wheel where you can adjust basic camera options like a timer, the flash and focus mode among others. A particularly useful thing about the Motorola Camera port is the fact it bundles a bunch of extra settings (compared to the original app) which you can access by tapping on the small icon found in the bottom-right corner of the screen showing the settings wheel.

The Settings menu lets you customize the app’s interface, the camera sensor, image size, video size and other useful options organized in three panes. If you find the Motorola Camera app to be interesting, give it a try and come back to tell us how you like it.

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