How To Remap Your Mouse Scroll Wheel Click Function

Any modern laptop comes equipped with a touchpad, but most users still prefer the mouse over it. While touchpads are just as easy to operate when it comes to gestures, the mouse buttons allow us to perform click actions more easily.

Furthermore, some mice have additional buttons and even a clickable scroll wheel. Those extra buttons can be easily reprogrammed so you can use them for whatever common actions you frequently rely on.

How to remap the mouse scroll wheel click function

The clickable mouse scroll wheel is an extremely common feature and we’re going to show you how you can remap the mouse scroll wheel click function.

To accomplish this, we’re going to use a free app called X-Mouse Button Control. There are other apps with similar capabilities, so this is not the only option, just the one we recommend.

Download X-Mouse Button Control

Open the app after you download and install it.

remap the mouse scroll wheel click function

While the app allows you to create specific application profiles, for the purpose of this guide we’re going to use the default, generic profile.

In the default profile, select the middle button and a drop-down menu will appear. Simply scroll through the list until you find the function you want to assign and select it. Click “Apply” and the new function will become usable right away.

Keep in mind the function you’ve assigned can be used only if you click on the mouse scroll wheel. Spinning the wheel will allow you to scroll through any open website or window, just like before.

Since X-Mouse Button Control can be used to set multiple profiles on a per-app basis, you can assign other functions for the scroll wheel in different apps. Furthermore, if you have a mouse with additional buttons, the app lets you remap those too.

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