[Guide] Send and receive SMS and MMS in Facebook Messenger for Android

Facebook’s latest efforts of getting us to install the Messenger app have not been well received by the public. Nevertheless, many people rely on it as their main instant messaging app, and it is now possible to send and receive SMS and MMS in Facebook Messenger for Android.

This means you can actually use Messenger for IM, SMS and MMS, and keep all your conversations in one place. These new features are currently available only in Messenger’s newest beta version ( for Android, and I’ll explain how you can get it up and running on your device.

How to send and receive SMS and MMS in Facebook Messenger for Android

To install Facebook Messenger beta you can enter the program by joining this group. There, you will get a list of simple instructions which you will need to follow in order to download Facebook Messenger beta from the Play Store.

Or you can just take the easy way and sideload the Messenger Beta APK after you download it from the link below:

Download Messenger Beta (APK via APKMirror)

After you install Messenger Beta you need to set it as your default SMS app in Android’s Settings. The area where you can access this option is located varies from one device to another so the simplest solution to find it is to type ‘default apps’ in the Settings search field.

Once you find it, tap on the ‘SMS app’ option and select Facebook Messenger from the list.

At this point, if you open Messenger you will see all your SMS and MMS messages are displayed there and you can tell them apart by their icons. Text messages are marked with a small, purple speech bubble and chat conversations have the Messenger icon, specifically the white lightning bolt on a blue background.

From now on, you are able to send and receive SMS and MMS in Facebook Messenger, but also use all of Messenger’s exclusive features with texts such as the thumbs up, stickers, voice memos and so on.

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