[Guide] Sign out of OneDrive in Windows 10

As most other Microsoft products and services, OneDrive is very reliable. Nevertheless, it’s not the only good cloud storage solution available and you might not be OK with the fact it comes packed into Windows 10. If you sign out of OneDrive in Windows 10 and unlink your PC, you’ll give up all the features this service provides, including data sync across all your devices.

However, it’s safe to assume you either don’t need to use a cloud storage provider or you already rely on a different product for the purpose. With OneDrive enabled on your Windows computer, you can access your cloud-stored files on all connected devices, every time you sign in using your Microsoft account.

OneDrive flawlessly integrates into Windows 10 – once you’re signed in using a Microsoft account, you’ll be asked to use OneDrive as a default location to save your files. It’s definitely a solution if you’d rather store files in the cloud rather than locally but it’s also not mandatory.

How to sign out of OneDrive in Windows 10

If you don’t want to use OneDrive, you can disable it, or uninstall it like any other app via Settings or the Control Panel. Furthermore, it’s possible to keep it but still not use it if you choose to simply sign out of OneDrive in Windows 10. Today, we’ll discuss the latter option.

sign out of OneDrive in Windows 10

To begin with, right-click the OneDrive icon in the system tray (it looks like a cloud) and select Settings from the pop-up menu.

unlink PC from OneDrive in Windows 10

Go to the Account tab and click the link called “Unlink this PC”.

You’ll be prompted to confirm your choice so click “Unlink account” and the OneDrive app will be unlinked from your computer. From then on, it won’t sync files to your OneDrive folder.

How to sign into OneDrive in Windows 10

Perhaps at some point, you’ll reconsider and you’ll want to start using OneDrive again. If so, here’s how you can sign back in:

Launch the OneDrive app and you’ll be prompted to sign into your account. Enter your Microsoft account email address and press the Sign in button.

On the next screen, enter your password and hit the Sign in button.

Then, OneDrive will show you its default folder and provide you the option to choose a different one. Hit the Next button after you choose a new location and confirm it (unless you’re happy with the default one) and that’s it. You’ve successfully signed back into OneDrive.

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