Stop your mouse from waking up your Windows computer

Setting your Windows PC to go to sleep when you’re not using it for a certain time is good practice as it will prevent useless wear and tear as well as shrink your electricity bill. If your PC is waking up from the smallest bump to your desk, the mouse is probably causing this.

By default, sleep mode is set to be disabled by moving the mouse and you don’t need to vigorously move it. Just a small touch will work, but it can also be triggered by vibrations such as when you bump into the desk or you place your coffee mug next to the mouse.

Luckily, you can easily stop your mouse from waking up your Windows computer and use the keyboard instead when you want to disable sleep mode.

How to stop your mouse from waking up your Windows computer

Type “mouse” without quotes in the Start menu and click the first result called “Change your mouse settings”.

The Mouse Settings screen will open. Click the blue link called “Additional mouse options” in the right pane.

In the Mouse Properties window, select the Hardware tab.

In the Hardware tab, select the mouse you want to control and click “Properties”. There may be several mice listed so make sure you choose the right one.

Once the Properties window for the selected mouse opens, click the “Change settings” button.

Go to the Power Management tab and uncheck the option called “Allow this device to wake the computer”. Finally, hit the OK button.

Disabling this setting will stop your mouse from waking up your Windows computer. It’s not a difficult task, although the setting does require you to navigate through multiple settings windows.

From then on, when you want to wake up your PC from sleep, hit any key on your keyboard.

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