Haali Media Splitter: Multimedia splitting

Haali Media Splitter is a lightweight and free application that will let you split a variety of media formats like MP4 and MKV and will also allow you to play MKV files in older operating systems.

Installation & Requirements

The installation for the program is extremely simple. Furthermore, the extremely small file size makes for an incredibly fast setup even on low end computers. Haali Media Splitter should theoretically work in every version of Windows.


First of all, there are two executable files for the program. The first one is the actual splitting interface and the other one is general options for the application and how it interacts with Windows. No desktop shortcuts are created for Haali Media Splitter so you will need to access it either from the Start menu or the installation folder. Of course, you can create desktop shortcuts yourself if you would prefer to have easy access to the program.

Moving on from that, the main interface of the program is really quite simple but takes a bit of getting used to. For example, the input tab has no button that will allow you to insert a file. Furthermore, dragging and dropping files into it does not see to work. Once you right click on the blank spot, however, you will see the option to select a source file and add attachments. Still, it would be nice to have some more clues as to how to use some aspects of the program like this one even though finding them out is not really that complicated.

When you have inserted your file into the application you will be able to view some basic information about it for the audio and video tracks separately. You can immediately start the splitting process by clicking on the Start button but it would probably be a good idea to visit the other tabs first as they will provide you with the options you need to customize the experience. You can set tags, chapters and other general options for the file. Once you have actually started the conversion process, you can watch a preview in the respective tab and view the progress in the Status tab.

Although it might seem like a bit weird to have the options in an entirely separate window and file, it actually is not. The media splitter is not a simple splitting program as it will also allow you to watch MKV files if you do not have any other means in your computer which usually happens in older operating systems. The options there will affect all aspects of the program so you should be careful when messing with settings that you are not familiar with.


-Fast installation
-Minimal system resources required, fast processes
-Tons of different options
-Mostly simple to use


-It can be a bit confusing at times


Haali Media Splitter is a fantastic application that constantly proves why it always passes the test of time. The lightning fast processes combined with the simple interface are some of the best feature of the application and make it the top choice in its field.