Hamburger menu removed from Windows 10 Phone, show latest leaked screenshots



So far, Microsoft has payed attention to the feedback provided by those testing the Windows 10 preview for phones and the latest leaked images of the next build show they continue to do so. The company adopted the already classic Hamburger menu and faced a negative reaction of the public because of their decision.

Looking at the leaked images it’s clear the Hamburger menu is completely gone and nowhere to be seen. While we’re probably witness many visual changes before Win10 launches, it looks like Microsoft is taking it one step further when it comes to listening what their users have to say.

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The revamped UI is using elements from a concept created by Matthew Langdon, specifically the lower menu and icons – except the now infamous Hamburger icon. For now, Redmond makes do with the same three dots icon Windows Phone 8.1 is having. Sometime ago, Gabe Aul – head of the Windows Insider program – said in a tweet the company is looking at user concepts for Windows 10, simply because there can be good ideas in them. After all, who can say only Microsoft can come up with good ideas?

Matthew Lanagdon’s Windows 10 for phones concept. Source:

The screenshots from build 8.15.12521 show how Microsoft is bringing closer the UIs from phones and desktops as the status bar now shows additional icons which are already available on Windows 10 preview for PCs.

I do want to clear the air regarding the Hamburger icon and its relation to Android – for those thinking Microsoft is trying to copy elements from Google’s mobile OS and bring them into their own. Google did not invent this icon, in fact it’s been present since the 80s.

The burger icon was invented by Norm Cox and used in Xerox Start – the world’s first GUI. Currently, it’s not just being used just by Google, but also present in popular services and software like Facebook, Twitter, Chrome, Firefox and a large number of websites have adopted it for their expandable ‘more’ menus too.

To conclude, Microsoft is taking the opinions of their users very seriously, hence their decision to kill the burger icon from the Windows 10 Phone UI – even though it’s likely we would have seen far less complaints if the menu retained its functionality but was hidden under a different icon.

What do you think? Was Win10 for phones better with the Hamburger icon or do you think it’ll do just fine with its classic ‘…’ bottom menu?

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