HappyWakeUp ArousalClock: The best phone alarm?

Cezar Renta

Many individuals, including myself, use their cellphones as morning wake-up alarms. If you are such an individual, you must hate your phone by now..but there is a solution. The HappyWakeUp alarm is an application aimed for the S60 powered phones, which wakes you up ONLY when you are awake or half awake.

The software uses the phone’s microphone to analyze the noises you make in your sleep, determining the current sleep phase. When the application figures that you are in your last sleep cycle or as we say, almost awake, it starts a light alarm, enough to wake you up..happy!The only drawback to this application is that you need to keep your phone closer to you (or your head).

You can download HappyWakeUp ArousalClock for free