HDD Bad Sectors Repair: Get your hard drive back in shape

Repairing a hard drive is a tricky business. One of the most important issues when dealing with a messed up drive is that you rarely know exactly what is wrong. HDD Bad Sectors Repair aims to change all that by automating both the scanning and repairing process.

Installation & Requirements

The program does need a traditional installation. You have to burn the program’s image to a floppy disk or a CD and then use that. You just insert the disk or the CD and boot up the computer. It works without an actual Operating System so that if your hard drive prevents Windows from opening up you can still use it. It supports all Windows systems as long as you can insert a CD or a floppy disk.


The look of the program is quite old fashioned. However, all the options are neatly presented on the left panel. The brilliant part of the application is that it works on its own without needing an operating system. If your hard drive is to blame for the failure of Windows to boot, you can use the program to fix the hard drive. Most of the application’s processes are done automatically and without any user input other than clicking the scan and repair button. However, when the program fixes the HDD, you then ought to immediately back up all of your important data to another drive, preferably an external one.

In addition to that, it gives you a lot of information about the HDD without having to take it out. So if there is a problem the program cannot fix you can use that information to contact the HDD manufacturer and report the issues. This is especially useful when you are using a device where detaching the HDD is very hard and time-consuming like a laptop or a notebook. Moreover, advanced users will find the defect map very valuable as it gives out very detailed but technical information regarding the state of the drive, including each and every defect of it.


-The standalone program is perfect for situations where you are otherwise unable to access your HDD or your files
-A whole automated process will be life saving for less tech savvy individuals who simply want their HDD up and running as soon as possible
-Detailed HDD and defects information will help advanced users find the root of the problem so that they can fix what the application cannot or simply prevent it from happening again


-Due to the nature of the application you need to get a floppy disk or a CD
-It is not very user friendly for less experienced people


If you have no other means of mingling with your hard drive, then HDD Bad Sectors Repair will make it easy on you. The automated process makes the whole thing look easy and you can potentially save a lot of important data by keeping the program in hand.