Here’s how you can delete unwanted photos from your iPhone faster than ever

There’s no big deal about deleting photos on the iPhone, except for when you want to do a massive cleanup and remove multiple ones at once. In that case you’d be squinting at teeny tiny thumbnails trying to figure out which you should select or take the safer but more time-consuming one-by-one approach. Even through Image Capture with your iPhone connected to a computer, you won’t get a large image preview.

If the default iOS options for deleting photos have let you down, we have a simple solution. Pare Down is a small app that lets you take the one-by-one approach when deciding which photos you want to delete, but in a more efficient manner.

Download Pare Down (App Store)

Pare Down

After you install the app, open it and tap on Pare Down. As you go through your photo collection, the app lets you swipe left to mark an image for deletion and swipe right to keep it.

Once you finished marking photos for deletion tap Done. The app will ask for confirmation before you can delete the marked pictures – tap Delete to remove them all.

Pare Down - Delete photos


Pare Down works for both photos and videos and it also supports landscape mode, so you’ll be able to preview your images full size if you want to. This way you can delete dozens of pictures in a matter of minutes.

In all honesty, Pare Down has its own limitations and I don’t see it working very well if you have just a few photos you want to get rid of mixed with tons of great pics you want to keep. In this case, you’ll have to go through a lot of images just to select a few for deletion.

Even so, the app is free and better than the stock options for deleting images if you have tons of photos you want to delete, but little patience to actually do it. It would be nice if at some point, the app will offer larger preview thumbnails for speed browsing the image gallery.

Give Pare Down a try and let us know how you like it in the comments section below.

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