Here’s how you can disable the ‘Send as Text’ prompt for text messages on the Apple Watch

Every time you try to send a text message on your Apple Watch you’ll get the ‘Send as Text’ prompt. The problem is, the pop-up can become really annoying if you usually send just text messages, but there is a way to permanently get rid of it.

You can easily make text messages the default option on the iWatch, which will obviously ensure you never see the ‘Send as Text’ prompt again.

As most settings on the Apple Watch, this one is very easy to perform, so here’s how to do it:

My Watch iPhone app


Launch the Watch app on the paired iPhone and tap on the ‘My Watch‘ tab at the bottom of the screen.

My Watch - Messages

On the following screen, select Messages.

My Watch app - Audio messages

The Messages screen will be displayed. Tap on ‘Audio Messages‘ to continue.

My Watch - Audio Messages settings

Now select the ‘Always Dictation‘ option.

From then on, the messages you dictate to your Watch will be sent as text without you having to confirm the same prompt message over and over. Of course, from the Audio Messages settings screen, you can select the ‘Always Audio’ option in case you prefer your Watch to send the messages you dictate in that format by default, instead of text.

What’s your default setting for messages sent via Apple Watch? Do you send audio messages often or you’re sticking to text as your main option? Share your experience with us in the comments section!

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