Here’s the easiest solution to temporarily hide apps on your iPhone or iPad

iOS comes with plenty of stock apps and while we couldn’t label them as useless, which ones will actually get used depends from one individual to the other. A big part of them can have their icons hidden from the home screen (and their services stopped as well) from Settings -> General -> Restrictions but what can you do with the rest of the stock apps and of course, third-party apps you want to hide?

Jailbreaking gives you the power to do pretty much whatever you want but not everyone is willing to do this. As a result, you can try a simple trick that lets you quickly hide any app on your iPhone or iPad without uninstalling it.

I do have to mention it works for iOS 8.3 up to 9.2 and it is temporary – it only lasts until you restart the device, in which case all those hidden apps become visible again and you need to repeat the process if you want to make them invisible once more.

The first step is to move the app(s) you want to hide in a folder – you can create a new folder or use one you already have.

In that folder, press and hold on an app to enter editing mode. While holding down the app, drag it to the third page (you might have to drop it on the second page and then drag it to the third from there).

As you keep holding the app on the third page, press the Home button. This will make the app disappear to the top-left area of the screen. You can follow the same steps for each app you want to hide.

Also, you can access any of the apps hidden using this method by looking them up in Spotlight Search (on any home screen page pull down and swipe right to display the search bar) and selecting it from the results.

Once you restart your iPhone or iPad, all the hidden apps will be restored and become visible again. While this is just a temporary solution, it is easy to do and doesn’t require using any third-party app or a jailbroken device.

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