Here’s how to fix Safari crashing on your iPhone or iPad

Apple’s web browser has had a few eventful days, starting with the now famous website that can crash Safari as soon as you open it – some users sure had fun with it, pulling nasty pranks to their unsuspecting friends.

And if that wasn’t enough, the browser started to experience some problems that have nothing to do with specific websites as many users have started to experience a number of bugs, on both iOS and Mac OS X devices, which are all related to entering URLs into the address bar .

It seems like issues can appear from various actions such as tapping into Safari’s address bar, or entering a URL and the most common problem is the browser instantly crashing. However, a quick fix has appeared that lets you patch things up. Here’s how to do it:

Disable Safari Suggestions

Open the Settings app and tap on Safari.

Disable Safari Suggestions

On the following screen , simply toggle off the switch for the ‘Safari Suggestions‘ feature.

This fix works for most people, as the ‘Safari Suggestions’ options seems to be the cause of the problems. Apple says the issues have been resolved, but some users are still reporting problems when trying to toggle ‘Safari Suggestion’ back on. It may take a while for Apple’s fix to reach all Safari users, so if you experience browser crashes related to using the address bar you can still use the above trick to make it usable again.

Should disabling ‘Safari Suggestions’ fail to resolve the issue you can also try to enable Private Browsing, clear the browser’s history and website data (from Settings -> Safari) and/or check to see if Safari is in the restricted apps list (from Settings -> General -> Restrictions) and remove it from there.

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