Here’s how the new Android O Picture-in-Picture mode works


Android O comes with a new picture-in-picture mode that allows you to watch videos in a dedicated window that stay on top of any apps you’re currently using. It’s obviously something that’s going to be useful to a lot of users, so keep reading to find out how the new Android O Picture-in-Picture mode works.

Not all apps will support this feature and some of its controls are not exactly intuitive but we’ll get to that in a moment. For now, only YouTube and VLC support the new PiP feature. In the case of YouTube, you need to be a Google Play Music or YouTube Red subscriber in order to use it. For VLC, the app needs to be up to date and also have the “Play videos in background” option enables in its settings.

How to use the new Android O Picture-in-Picture mode

Assuming you’re a YouTube Red or Google Play Music subscriber you just need to start watching a video in the YouTube app and switch to the home screen or to another app. The video will continue to play in a floating window.

With the VLC app, a few extra actions are required. While watching a video, tap once on the screen to show the menu, then press the menu button. Finally, tap on the picture-in-picture button and the currently playing video will be displayed in a floating window allowing you to watch it while using other apps.

Regardless which app you’re using, the PiP window can be dragged anywhere on the screen. Also, if you want to close it you can just drag it to the bottom of the screen or tap on the window then press the “X” button.

When you tap on the PiP window, basic controls will be displayed which will make the window a bit larger. While most of the options are straightforward, it’s worth mentioning that if you tap on the full-screen icon located in the center of the window, you’ll be taken back to the app that’s playing the video.

The new Android O Picture-in-Picture mode is definitely useful but still in its early stages. We’re hoping to see more apps that add support for it once Android O is launched.

What do you think about the new PiP mode? Have you been expecting this feature?

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