How To: Hide apps on the LG G5 and de-clutter your home screens

LG G5 arrived with various software improvements starting with a redesigned UX 5.0 Home Screen that’s clearly a leap forward compared to previous versions.

Nevertheless, not all of the changes brought to the UX Home Screen are positive. For instance, the app drawer has been removed and this means every app you install is automatically placed on the home screens.

LG realized the poor decision they have made and now provide LG G4’s launcher, called LG Home (UX 4.0), available for download through the LG SmartWorld portal with support for the LG G5 but also for other LG devices that ship with the UX 5.0 Home Screen.

However, if you don’t want to switch to the old version of the UX Home Screen, it might seem like the only way to hide apps on the LG G5 is to place them in folders, but that’s hardly an ideal solution. The good news is, LG did come up with a simple way that allows you to hide apps on the LG G5’s home screen. Follow the steps below to learn how to do it.

Quickly hide apps on the LG G5

Tap and hold on a blank area of the home screen until the home screen customization menus are displayed.

hide apps on the LG G5

Select the ‘Home screen settings‘ option.

hide apps on the LG G5

On the following screen, scroll a bit until you get to the ‘Hide Apps‘ option and select it.

hide apps on the LG G5

Now you’ll be taken to a list of your installed apps, and each one will have a checkbox on its icon. Simply select the apps you want to hide and tap on the ‘Apply’ button so you won’t see them on your home screen(s) anymore.

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