Hide Folders 2012: Protect your files

Hide Folders 2012 is a program that will let you hide and encrypt your files using a single convenient package for all of your file protection needs.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is very simple, offering a few basic options like choosing your destination folder and your shortcuts. The application supports all versions of Windows from XP and later as well as Windows Servers 2003 and later.


When you start the application you will need to get past the evaluation screen which will inform you on your registration status and ask you whether or not you want to buy the application. If you don’t, you will only be able to use it for a set amount of days with full functionality before being forced to remove it.

The main interface itself is really quite nice. The soft colours blend well within the sleek looking icons so that the interface looks very clean and friendly. By default, the application will enable file protection for your files and folders and the ON icon will be highlighted. If you want to turn this feature off you simply have to click on the OFF icon to disable it. You can even set the enabling/disabling properties to activate whenever you want by going to the settings.

Securing your files individually is also very easy. You can drag and drop files in the application, use the Add button to browse your computer for them or enable the Windows Explorer integration via the application’s settings. The last setting will add some options in the context menu when you right click on any file that will let you protect them on the spot.

When you have added your desired files or folders in the application, clicking on the properties tab will allow you to set the exact protection you want. The options vary from hiding, locking, both of the above and read-only. If you are unsure as to what those functions mean you can always click on the Help option and the user guide will explain everything to you.

Lastly, the Settings and Tools tabs should be visited by everyone. They will give you a lot more control over the application’s behavior as you will be able to set a lot of options and little bits of the protection system like setting up your trusted processes and enabling specific instances that you want your files to be protected in.


-Fast installation
-Clean visual look
-Very user-friendly interface
-A ton of customization options for both the application itself and the protection modes


-None that would be worth mentioning


Anyone that wants to protect their sensitive files and folders should really look into Hide Folders 2012. The user friendly interface ensures that anyone can use it so you have nothing to lose by simply installing the program.