Hide the iOS 10 status bar with TapTap StatusBar tweak

The status bar gives us essential information about the status of various phone functions but there might be times when you’d like it to stay hidden. TapTap StatusBar tweak lets you do just that, assuming your iOS device is jailbroken.

The free tweak enables you to hide or show the status bar using a tap gesture – it cou;dn’t get any easier.

TapTap StatusBar is exceptionally easy to use. Once you have it installed, you can tap once on the status bar to hide it and tap again on that same area when you want it to become visible again.

The tweak works regardless of the current screen, so you can be inside Settings, an app, on the Home Screen or another location.

TapTap StatusBar tweak

It also provides a preferences pane in the Settings app and the first option lets you enable and disable the service as needed. Also, you can choose the animation style for when the status bar appears and disappears.

As you can see, there are quite a few animations available such as fade, flip from top or bottom, and flip from left or right.

For now, TapTap StatusBar is the only tweak officially available in Cydia’s public repos that lets you hide or show the status bar on demand. You can get it for free from the BigBoss repo and supports iOS 9 and iOS 10 jailbroken devices.

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