How To Hide the iPhone X Notch

The iPhone X may be a gorgeous smartphone but like anything else in this world, it’s not perfect. The notch was a compromise Apple had to make because of the bezel-less design. The Face ID sensors and the front-facing camera had to go somewhere. Luckily, this can be easily fixed and we’ll show you how to hide the iPhone X notch.

The fix is possible because the iPhone X has an OLED screen, so any black area of the screen is 100% black. This way, if a wallpaper has a black area at the top, the notch will basically become invisible.

How to hide the iPhone X notch

Now that you know how it works, we have two methods that allow you to hide the iPhone X notch.

1. Use Notcho

The easiest solution is an app called Notcho. This app works in a simple way – it lets you use any image to create a notch-free wallpaper.

Notch is free to use but it adds watermarks to all the wallpapers it creates unless you’re willing to remove this limitation via a $1.99 IAP.

Download Notcho (iTunes)

After you install Notcho, open it and select a wallpaper. The app has 11 images but can use another image you have stored in your Photos app by tapping the Import button. Once you select the image, tap the “Save” option to save it in your Photos library.

2. Download a notch-free wallpaper

Gadgethacks was kind enough to transform the iPhone X stock wallpapers to hide the annoying notch. If you like the default wallpapers, start by downloading the notch-free wallpapers.

Download notch-free stock iPhone X wallpapers

Download the wallpapers you’re interested in, then open each image and tap the share sheet icon and select “Save Image”.

Set the notch-free wallpaper

Regardless if you used Notch to create a notch-less wallpaper, or you downloaded the pack mentioned above, it’s time to finally set one of these images as your new background for a notch-free iPhone X.

To do this, open the Photos app, select the notch-free wallpaper and tap the Share icon. In the Share sheet, select “Use as Wallpaper”.

To continue, select “Still” and tap the “Set” button. Don’t choose “Perspective” as that will misalign the black portion of the wallpaper and the notch won’t be completely hidden. Finally, you can choose whether you want the new background to appear on the home screen, lock screen or on both. If you want to never see that notch again tap the “Set Both” option. That’s it!

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