Hide your personal information from an image in iOS

Every time you want to share an image or a screenshot on social media, in chat apps, email and other modern means of communication there might be some personal information in there which you don’t want others to see. Like on other platforms, it’s possible to hide personal information from an image in iOS.

You could basically use any simple image editing app to scribble over the part you want to hide in a photo but it’s not the most effective way to do it. If you only need this occasionally, this might not be such a big deal, but if you’re sharing images often and you need to redact personal information you’re probably looking for a better solution.

How to hide personal information from an image in iOS

An app called Redacted lets you easily hide personal information from an image before sharing it. It’s available for the small price of $0.99 which you’ll find very reasonable once you find out how it works.

You can use Redacted for any photo you have in your camera roll. There are also several ways it can hide information, specifically by applying a black bar on top of it, by pixelating it, or by blurring it.

You just need to make a rectangular selection of the area you want to hide and apply one of the above tools. As you can see, it’s much easier to hide information in photos with Redacted than by using a drawing app.

hide personal information from an image in iOS

Open Redacted, and give it permission to access your photos. Then, you can either take a photo straight from the app or go to the camera roll and select an existing one.

With the photo opened inside Redacted, you can use the controls in the lower-right portion of the screen to hide personal information. The three tools are: pixelate, blur, and black box. Select the tool you want to use then drag your finger on the screen to create a rectangular selection of the area you want to hide.

blur personal information from photos in iOS

Until you lift your finger from the screen, the selected area will remain visible. Once you’re no longer touching the screen that area will be hidden using the selected tool.

It’s also worth mentioning you can draw an unlimited number of rectangles and they can also be repositioned but the app doesn’t provide an undo button. As a result, if you would like to delete one of the elements you would need to tap the “X” button in the lower-right corner to close the image without changes, re-open it and then hide the information all over again.

However, if you’re happy with your edits you can tap on the “Save Image” button (right next to the close button) and Redacted will save the edited copy in your camera roll, leaving the original unaffected.

There’s also a stock solution that lets you hide personal information from an image in iOS 11. Using the new screenshot editor you can draw and mark-up images but you’d still be working with brushes so the process is similar to using a drawing app.

If you need a more efficient solution for redacting information in photos, Redacted is still a superior alternative.