[Guide] Hide or restrict Instagram stories from certain people

Instagram is an amazing way to send visual updates to your followers about whatever you might be up to and stories are a new way to do it. However, sometimes your stories might be personal so you might want to hide or restrict Instagram stories from certain people.

While normally, you’d want to keep at least a few close friends in the loop, Instagram even allows you to completely restrict access to your stories, as well as block specific contacts from sending you replies.

How to hide or restrict Instagram stories from certain people

To begin with, open the Instagram app and tap on the Profile icon in the lower-right corner, then on the gear icon (Settings) at the top of the screen.

hide or restrict Instagram stories from certain people

Select ‘Story Settings’ in the Account section.

hide Instagram stories from specific followers
You will see a list with all of your followers. Simply tap the names of those you don’t want to see your stories. Also, you can start to type a username to find a specific contact. Once you’ve created this restricted access list you can go ahead and tap Done.

The people on this list will not be seeing your stories or live videos anymore. Nevertheless, you cannot adjust these settings for individual stories so keep in mind they have a global effect.

How to restrict message replies from your story

So you might be OK with some people being able to see your stories, but you’d like to restrict what types of users can actually interact with them.

In that case, return to Story Settings and under ‘Allow message replies’ you can see by default it’s set to ‘Everyone’. You can choose ‘People You Follow’ or completely disable the replies by selecting ‘Off’.

It’s easy to hide or restrict Instagram stories from certain people, and while there is no way to customize these options for individual stories, there are also other useful options we can use.

Another privacy-related setting you might want to check is the ability to save photos you share.

Also in Story Settings, you will find the ‘Save shared photos’ option. It’s off by default, which is, in fact, the recommended setting. Stories are designed to have temporary content, so if you previously enabled this setting without knowing what it does it would be best to turn it off.

With this option enabled, all the photos and videos you add to your story are automatically saved to the camera roll. This obviously can clutter your camera roll really fast so keep it on only if you actually need the media content saved.

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