Holiline Reminder: Makes sure you don’t miss out on anything

A simple and free event notification program such as Holiline Reminder can ensure that you never forget anything important, from birthdays and weddings to a dentist appointment. Why write things down or try to remember everything when an application can do it for you and display notifications in a visible yet unobtrusive manner?

Installation & Requirements

Holiline Reminder’s swift installation requires the user to go through only the standard setup windows and it doesn’t contain any third-party applications or nagging adware. Holiline Reminder downloads as a .zip file and the extracted installer is less than 6 MB in size. Being such a small program, it lacks hardware requirements and runs on any Windows OS starting with Windows 98.

By default, notifications are set to appear as a scroll bar placed on the Windows taskbar and at first run the program will use them to inform the user of the first actions it can perform, such as opening the settings and Events Editor via the context menu available by right-clicking on the taskbar.


The beauty of this tiny, lightweight event notification program is that it only runs when it needs to display an event or when you run it. The program’s interface is the Event Editor. Here you can add events in a classic calendar view by right-clicking on any given date, or from the top menu using the “+” button. Holiline Reminder offers some ready-made event types, namely Birth Day, Wedding Day and Holiday. The Custom Event option is similar with the built-in ones except it also allows the user to write custom notification messages.

All event types have easy to understand fields that the user has to fill, such as the title, event time/period, recurrence, gender and year of birth/age (for birthdays) and others. To get a complete overview of all past and future events the field view is available. Here all of the events are listed with related info, namely their date, number of days, time (if such is the case), title and comments.

Holiline Reminder’s settings offer various customization options concerning the program’s appearance and behavior. Worth mentioning is the program’s notification area that can be set at the top/bottom of the desktop or on the taskbar, the exit function that can be done using a Hot Exit Area (which appears on mouse over) or using the left mouse button click and the option to delete expired events automatically.


– Very simple install process.
– Offers a simple solution for displaying event notifications in a discrete yet efficient manner.
– Easy to use Event Editor with built-in and custom events.
– Among other settings, users can add custom pics to events.
– The program’s Settings offer an essential set of options for users to tweak Holiline Reminder’s appearance and behavior.


– None worth mentioning.


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Holiline Reminder manages to offer an effortless event notification solution for all types of users, with easy to understand options and settings and efficient, discrete notifications. While it’s not yet suitable for scheduling everyday events, it seems that the developers of Holiline Reminder are striving to add more useful features on a regular basis.