Hooks lets you track all your interests via push notifications

An impressive number of apps have built-in notification systems, which is an undeniably useful feature, but as most of us are trying to keep our collection of apps as slim as possible (for both performance optimization and saving storage space), we’re also missing out on some.

Hooks is a brilliantly useful app for Android and iOS that leverages push notifications to let you stay up to date with your interests.


The app can send you notifications of almost anything, social media mentions, new TV show episodes, video game releases, weather reports, Twitch streams, sports teams, and the list goes on.

There are more than one hundred channels that include a large variety of interest and hobbies available in Hooks. For example, the app can also send you alerts of allergy outbreaks and natural incidents, courier shipment tracking, horoscopes, and currency exchange rates among others.

You can create new alerts manually, or pick the ones you’re interested in from the app’s Popular tab. As long as you don’t mind having a full app drawer, Hooks can be a valuable addition to your app collection and perhaps help you remove a few apps from your device.

It’s free for both Android and iOS so give it a try and let us know if it caters to your needs!

Download Hooks for Android (Google Play)
Download Hooks for iOS (iTunes)

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