Horizon Chase: World Tour Tips & Tricks

Horizon Chase is making some noise in the mobile gaming world, as it has skyrocketed to the top of Apple’s app store, and has been receiving some stellar reviews from critics. The retro style racing game offers up a campaign with over 70 unique tracks and 16 un-lockable cars — all for the low premium price of $2.99. For those looking for help in unlocking all of this content, look no further. Check out these useful tips and tricks for Horizon Chase, and hopefully they’ll help you speed into first place.

Don’t forget to brake

It is pretty easy to just hold down that acceleration button the entire race and hope you can nail the turns, and it might even work for some races. However, there are definitely going to be a handful of races where you need to brake when taking a turn, or you’ll drive right into an obstacle and spin out. You also don’t want to brake too much, or you’ll end up way too far behind the rest of the racers. Just try to brake for only a second right as you’re hitting a sharp turn, and re-accelerate once you’re half way through the turn.

Use NOS appropriately

You get a minimum of three NOS boosts per race, and these are really important. NOS should be used on long straight paths, and you should avoid using it at all when a sharp turn is coming up. Although certain turns aren’t as intense, and you can potentially make it through them during a NOS boost, it makes it a lot harder to dodge any other cars that might be in your way. To get maximize use out of your NOS, wait until your speed drops back down to it’s normal maximum before using another boost.

Certain vehicles for certain tracksIMG_1445Pay attention to the track layout, and choose an appropriate vehicle for it. If there is a lot of straight paths and wide turns, use your fastest vehicle with the best top speed and NOS boost. For races with a lot of sharp turns, get one with good handling and acceleration. This isn’t the most vital piece of advice, but it can help give you that extra edge on a race you’re struggling to get first place in.

Don’t re-play races right away

One thing that is bound to happen, is that you’ll come in second place and get the urge to jump right back into that race so you can try for first again. Now, that’s probably fine if you want to take a slow pace with the game, but avoid doing this if you want to progress quickly and unlock all of the content as fast as you can. The amount of coins you’ll get from getting gold on a track where you already had silver pales in comparison to getting even bronze on a brand new track.

Not only does this help you progress faster, but also gives more of a guarantee you will place first the next time around — since you’ll have a better vehicle. On top of that, this whole process gives makes it so you aren’t getting bored with the same track over and over, since there’s a little more time in-between attempts.

Caution when passing

Bumping into the back of another car can be a recurring event that really sets you back. Make sure you take extra caution early on in the race, as well as whenever you’re coming up behind another car. Wait for a gap to open and take it, rather than trying to squeeze into a small space and getting smacked back into last place while the top five start creating a lot of space between themselves and the rest of the cars.

Passing during turnsIMG_1446I do most of my passing while making turns (although quite a few passes come from a straight path NOS boost), as that’s when you can usually catch other cars slowing down more than they need to. My method is to take the inside lane of the turn, such as the far right lane for a right turn, and if another car gets in the way I make a quick cut outside and speed past them.

When to trade paint

Bumping into other cars usually isn’t a good idea in general, however, it can be used to your advantage when trying to secure first place. If you’re neck and neck with someone else for first, try bumping them during a turn so they get thrown into an obstacle and spin out. Make sure you don’t just ram into the back of their vehicle, as this will only push you further behind. It has to be a shot to the side, preferably when you are both right next to each other, exactly side by side.

Bonus race ASAP

When you have a bonus race pop up, don’t do any other races before at least trying the bonus once. You’ll get a performance boost for your vehicles by finishing 2nd or 3rd depending on the race, and if you manage to win, you get a brand new vehicle. Because of this, you should actively be trying to unlock more bonuses races as quickly as you can, which re-iterates the importance of “Don’t re-play races right away”.

Those are your tips for Horizon Chase: World Tour! Be sure to leave a comment with any tips of your own, and check out our full review of the game if you haven’t already. Now get out there and start winning some races!