How Launch Chrome using Keyboard Shortcut on Windows

Keyboard shortcuts are very efficient for giving quick commands to your PC, and Windows 10 have a bunch of built-in shortcuts that truly makes life a bit easier, whether you admit it or not. But you can also create your own shortcuts for Windows.

As Chrome is one of the commonly used apps, and maybe one of the first apps you click on when your computer turns on, using a keyboard shortcut for it can save you a few seconds.

It only takes a couple of steps to set up a keyboard shortcut for launching Chrome on your Windows10 PC. Here’s how:

How Launch Chrome using Keyboard Shortcut on Windows

Find the Google Chrome shortcut on your desktop screen. If you do not have that yet, click and open the Start Menu at the bottom-left corner of your desktop.

Find the Google Chrome from the app list then drag and drop the icon to the desktop. A shortcut from Chrome will be created on your screen.

Once you have the shortcut, right click on it then select Properties.

From the Properties pop-up menu, click on the Shortcut Tab and find the Shortcut Key setting. By default, it is set to “None”.

Click on the corresponding text box for the Shortcut Key setting and assign a convenient shortcut you want to use. It will require you to use Ctrl+Alt adding it to the textbox by default so you just have to choose and press a letter or number. (e.g. to get Ctrl+Alt+C just press C).

You cannot assign a shortcut that is already assigned to a command by default like Ctrl+Alt+F4 or Ctrl+Alt+Tab.

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When you have set the shortcut you want, click the Apply button to apply the changes and then click OK.

You can now use the keyboard shortcut you set every time you want to launch Google Chrome.

To revert the settings, you can delete the shortcut by opening the Properties Menu. Click on the Shortcut Key option or the shortcut you set then hit the backspace button. It will be set to None again. Click Apply then OK and you will no longer have a keyboard shortcut for Google Chrome.

You can also use the method above to set custom keyboard shortcuts for other desktop apps that you frequently use when you want to.