How To: Burn Data Across Multiple CD or DVD Discs Using Disc Spanning

Ever needed to burn a large amount of data on CD/DVD  and it took you a lot of time because you had to organize and distribute the files to fill each dvd? Using software that supports the technique called Disc Spanning you don’t have to worry about that no more.

Disc Spanning allows you to burn a large amount of data on multiple discs without having to worry about organizing the files on each disc. There are several programs that support disc spanning but in this tutorial we will be using the application called CDBurnerXP . This little piece of software will help you make your life much easier in terms of data burning. In most cases the files that are burned using disc spanning are pictures, movies, libraries, backups, etc, but you can burn whatever you want as long as the size of one file is not bigger than the maximum capacity of the disc.

Download and install CDBurnerXP from hereopen it and then select Data Disc and press OK.

Data Compilation window will apear where you can add the files that you want to burn onto the CD/DVD. There are several ways to add files to this list.  One way is to open Windows Explorer and select the folders/files and drag and drop them into the compilation window. Or simply just use the explorer integrated into the data compilation window to get the files you are after. After you selected them press the button Add to insert them into the compilation. After that you can press Burn.

After pressing the Burn button a small options window will appear that asks you how you want to burn the files onto the disk. To get to the Disc Spanning options select Let me choose advanced settings.

A Disc Required window will appear and here you will be able to choose the Disc Spanning option from the drop-down menu. After selecting that from the drop-down click on Disc spanning…

Hint: Sometimes the option is already selected in the button but sometimes it isn’t.

Upon clicking, a Disc Spanning window will appear letting you choose more options like the Disk size and the method with which the discs will be splitted.

The Use as few discs as possible method will split the files in the folders having the priority to fill out the whole disc space. This means if you have for example 3 folders: A, B, C, depending on the size of the files that is in it, it is possible that for the first burnt disc to select 75% from folder A and the rest of files from folder B, and so on. But this depends on the size of the files.

The Do not split folder contents unnecessarily method will keep your folder structure intact but there are chances that some discs remain with some space free on them. This option is useful, for example, if you are burning pictures that are  chronologically structured and you want to keep it that way.

After you chose the method, click Split.

The program will make the math on how it will split the data and give you the final info on how many CD/DVD will be needed to burn your data.

Here you will have the options to Burn or Save as ISO. In this case, click Burn.

In the Burn Disc Window  you will be able to choose different settings before burning such as burn speed, number of copies, etc. When you are ready, click Burn disc. The software will start burning CD/DVD and prompt you for a new blank disc every time it finishes burning.

That’s pretty much it.

Download CDBurnerXP now