How to Change Your Country in Google Play Store

Google Play is an important app for most Android devices as it stores all the other apps you might need. But take note that Google Play has certain versions, depending on the country you are in. This means that apps currently available to you on Google Play may not be available in other countries.

So what will happen if you move to another country or region? You can still use Google Play. But you have to configure it and set up payment methods for you to fully access the app version available in your current area.

You can easily change the country on your Google Play setting, but this is subject to a few conditions and limitations.

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Here’s how you can change country in Google Play Store

Things to Take Note of Before Changing Your Play Store’s Country

Before proceeding to change the country on your Google Play Store app, there are a few things you should be aware of.  

Note that you cannot use payment methods you previously added on Google Play. You will need to create a new Google Payment profile based on the current country you are in.

You cannot spend Google Play balance, gift cards, and credits earned via Opinions Rewards but switching back to your previous location will enable you to regain access

Some apps, books, TV shows, and movies you previously have access to may no longer be available. You will also lose access to Google Play Points. If you are subscribed to Google Play Pass, your subscription can be transferred to your new location if it is available in that country. Otherwise, you cannot install apps from Play Pass.

More importantly, changing your Play Store country is also limited to once per year. When you have done so, you will not be able to see the Change Country option until you are eligible for it again.

You can tweak your Play Store by using VPN but it is often not worth the hassle.

Change your country in Google Play Store

Once you’re sure that you need to change your country, on your Android device, open the Google Play Store app.

Tap on the menu button (3 stacked horizontal lines) at the top left corner of the screen then go to Account>Preferences. For devices with the most recent update, the menu has been moved. Tap on your profile picture at the top right corner you’re your screen then tap on Settings> General.

From the drop-down, choose Account Preferences.  If Google Paly detects that you are accessing the site on a new country or region, you will see the Switch to the [region] Play Store option under Countries and Profiles.

Tap country and region you are in.  Afterward, if you do not have a payment method for the country you are in, a screen instruction will pop up to guide you.

It may vary per country, but most of it will allow you to Add a Credit Card as a payment option.  Add a method, review the warning notification, and tap Continue to proceed.

This will create you a New Google Payments profile. Once you have your Google Payments Profile with the primary payment method for the country you are in, you can add payment methods for another country as well.

Once done, the Google Play Store will automatically be updated into the country you set. This can take about 48 hours or less.