How to Download Videos From YouTube

Online streaming platforms such as YouTube provide numerous conveniences, but there might be instances when you’d prefer offline access to their vast selection of videos and music. The answer to this predicament may not be immediately apparent, but it’s quite simple. We’ll discuss two methods of getting your desired videos off YouTube, and of course, since we’re walking a legal line here, we’re going to discuss this aspect as well.

Download Videos with YouTube Premium

Over the past few years, YouTube has introduced a functionality enabling users to save content directly from their website or mobile application. This content can be revisited whenever you open the app, even without an internet connection.

In the United States and other countries, this feature is exclusively available to YouTube Premium subscribers, though it is accessible for free in a few selected regions. Once the feature is activated, a Download button can be located below Videos, adjacent to the typical sharing and commenting options. The assembled collection of songs and videos can be accessed and played from the Library section within the app. Also, it’s worth noting that compared to Netflix or other streaming services, offline downloads do not expire and can be played until removed from the Library.

The primary limitation of this method is that users cannot move, copy, or alter downloaded video files in any manner. These files remain confined to the YouTube service and can only be accessed via the app. If any saved video is removed from the YouTube server, there’s a high probability that it will also be erased from your device during your next online session.

Download Videos with YouTube-DLG

We must start by saying that it is advisable to restrict your downloads to assets that fall under the categories of public domain or fair use, as these materials generally do not infringe on copyright laws. If you are a YouTuber yourself and have any videos hosted on the platform, you can download them with no problem.

Fair use is applicable when someone wishes to utilize another person’s work in a critical, educational, or transformative manner. For example, incorporating a brief movie clip within a film critique could be protected under the fair use provision, whereas uploading an entire scene without any commentary would not be considered fair use. If you want to read more about Fair Use, we recommend this article.

Now back to YouTube-DLG, one of many YT download apps that can be used to download any YouTube videos for offline usage.

DLG is a free open-source program hosted on Github, designed as a graphical front-end for the text-based counterpart, YouTube-DL. The appeal of this user interface lies in its simplicity and ease of use. All you need to do is input one or multiple URL addresses from which you want to download content, choose from an array of video and audio formats, and let DLG handle the rest.

The downloaded files will be saved to a designated folder of your preference. DLG also possesses the capability to extract files from Facebook, Twitter, and numerous other video streaming platforms. Nonetheless, you should exercise caution with such powerful features, as some applications for programs like YouTube-DLG may not be entirely legal. You can read more about Fair Use in the link provided above.

As you can see, downloading videos from various online services is pretty easy, but we can’t stress enough the legal implications of getting copyrighted music or video files. If you want to play safe, we’ll always recommend YouTube Premium since it will bring you more advantages, such as ad-free videos and, evidently, offline downloads.