How To: Easy close all running Windows XP applications

Cezar Renta

There is no doubt that having multiple running applications at once can slow down your Windows XP machine or even produce some crashes/errors. There are several ways of closing your XP’s running applications with ease. First and the most common is the task manager (ctrl+alt+delete). Using the Task Manager, you can see quickly what applications at running at that time and how much of the system’s resources they eat up. Pressing the mouse right click and then “End now” will close that selected application but you can also hold the “Shift” button and drag to select all applications then selecting “End now” while pressing the right click.

There is also a more easier way, but involves downloading a 3rd party application. The “Close All Windows” application doesn’t use any of your computer’s resources and it “kills” your applications fast and efficient. You can map a hotkey to end all your running application or just do it manually, either way, the Close All Windows application does the job instantly.

Download Close All Windows freeware