How to find a cell phone number online

If you need to find a cell phone number online, you probably noticed it’s not as easy as it might seem. While most people have a mobile number, these numbers are not typically listed in classic phone books.

Also, if you receive a call from a number that’s not in your contacts you will only see the number itself displayed and not the name of the caller.

How to find a cell phone number online

While not a straightforward process, it is possible to find a cell phone number online by trying some of the clever strategies described below.

1. Use a reverse number lookup

Search engines might not know everything under the sun but their search capabilities do extend far and beyond so it’s worth giving them a chance even for a mobile phone number.

The simplest thing you can try is punching in the mobile phone number in your preferred search engine and see if anything pops up. As long as the number was published anywhere on the web you should see it in the results.

Also, it’s a good idea to try a few different search engines beyond good old Google since the results they deliver can be quite different. We recommend you give Microsoft’s Bing a try but also DuckDuckGo which is a metasearch engine that provides results from multiple search tools.

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If you know the person’s name, address, or any other information that could narrow down the results you should definitely try to use that in your searches as well.

2. Search by username

In real life we have a name but many of us have usernames in the online world that are completely different than our real names. If you know the username of the person for which you’re trying to find the phone number use it in your search.

A lot of people use the same username on multiple websites and this might just work.

3. Find a cell phone number via social media

The majority of us are using at least one social networking website so it’s worth searching the phone number you’re interested in on the most popular social media channels. The same can be tried with the person’s name if you know it.

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It goes without saying (but I’ll still say it) that Facebook is probably the no. 1 social media network you should search. And if its search tools don’t seem enough, try using which will allow you to use practically every bit of information you have on the person in your Facebook search.

4. Try alternative search engines

In those situations when generic search engines and social media sites fail to deliver you should try something more focused such as people search engines.

People search engines can be an amazing tool as they are limited to just what we’re interested in this case. This type of search engines will scour the web for a person you’re trying to find. While there are many you can try we recommend you start with the best which includes Pipl, Wink, PeekYou (the username search capabilities are particularly interesting), and ZabaSearch which includes a reverse phone lookup among other features.


There are plenty of search engines and other places you can use to find a cell phone number online for free but you might also come across some that will provide so-called premium services.

While in the end it’s your decision if you wish to pay or not, it will not guarantee you results and the web is already providing with plenty of tools to use for free searches.