How to Follow and Download Spotify Podcasts

Spotify has been one of the leading music streaming app for many. More than music, Spotify also stores a bunch of great podcasts within its libraries, which, once you started listening, you might not be able to stop.

Popular podcasts from various hosts and creators can be found on Spotify, along with exclusive ones as well. They are accessible on the web and via the mobile app. Spotify also allows you to sync listening progress across all devices so you don’t always have to remember timestamps of when you paused the podcast you are on.

Just like in music tracks, Spotify lets users download podcasts too, so you can listen to them offline and away from the chaos of the online world. But it’s not really similar to most podcast players, so you might need to learn your way around it.

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Here’s how you can follow and download podcasts on Spotify

Subscribing to Podcasts

Open Spotify via the web platform or the app on mobile devices, including Android, iPhone and iPad. For the web, go to the search page. For the mobile app, tap on the Search icon at the bottom of your screen.

Type in the podcast title or creator you’re looking for. Look for the result with the Podcast tag below the title and tap on it.

You should see the podcast’s information, including the title, creator, and photo. Just below it, you can find a Follow button. Simply tap on it and you are now subscribed to their podcast.

You can find all the podcasts channels/creators you followed, as well as new episodes they uploaded, on your Spotify library under Podcasts.  

To collate the episodes you want to lineup, you can also open a podcast, choose an episode and tap on the plus (+) button.

It will be added to an auto-generated playlist folder, Your Episodes. To access Your Episodes, go to Your Library, tap on Podcasts, and then go to Episodes.

Downloading Spotify Podcasts for Offline Listening

Unfortunately, downloading is not available via the web app. You can only do this via the Spotify mobile app. But the good thing is that, unlike music, podcasts can be downloaded even without a premium subscription.

To download podcast episodes, search for a podcast and find an episode you want to save. Look for the arrow down button at its lower-left corner and tap it to download.

You can also go to Your Library and tap the Podcasts tab, to view the podcasts you subscribed to. From there, you can find new episodes from the podcasts you follow and download them much easier. You can also access all downloaded podcasts on the Podcasts tab, under Downloads.

Afterwards, that’s it! You can enjoy podcasts and music when you want to on Spotify.