How to get good playing Valorant

Riot Games‘ new first person tactical shooter has been blowing up since its release a few weeks ago. Players are looking to find an edge to help lead their team to victory, and boost their own K/D ratios. You are likely in the same boat since you ended up on this article, so lets jump right into some tips & tricks that can help!

Improve your Valorant skills

Tweak your sensitivity

If you’re a seasoned fps player, this was probably one of the first things you did after downloading Valorant. But there are a lot of players who don’t realize the importance of good sensitivity settings. Make sure you head to the Settings area and tweak your sensitivity settings until they feel right.

Having trouble doing a 180 and hitting that target behind you? Try going a bit higher. Feel like you’re always flicking your crosshair past a target and missing? Go lower. Don’t make a huge adjustment all at once though, slowly move one way or the other so your muscle memory can more easily adjust.

Also, remember you can change your cross-hair in Settings as well. Make an effort to test each one out and see which one works best for you.

Use the aim trainer

Valorant has a built-in aim trainer mode, and anyone who genuinely wants to improve should be utilizing this. Being able to hop in and practice shooting targets with the same guns and recoil patterns you play the real game with is incredibly useful. Perhaps it isn’t the most exciting thing, but it will all pay off when you jump into a match and notice a lot more of your shots connecting.

Using the aim trainer is also a great way to test out those sensitivity changes and get used to your new cross-hair. You don’t want to play a real match with all new settings and spend the whole round getting acquainted to them.

Learn the agents

A mistake that a lot of players make is focusing too much on one Agent. While it is a good idea to play the same one often and master it, don’t neglect to learn the rest. If you have ever questioned how an opponent pulled off a quick flank or did something crazy with an Agent you’ve never played — go read up on the other Agents. Not knowing your opponents’ abilities puts you at a huge disadvantage.

There are 11 Agents currently in Valorant, with more likely on the way. It won’t take long to read through all of their abilities and learn what they can do. Honestly, it is best to unlock and play a couple of games with each one so you know exactly what they’re capable of doing.

Watch streams

This tip goes for just about any competitive video game out there, but especially Valorant. A lot of people play this game for a living and stream it on Twitch and other platforms. Well, it turns out if you play the game 8+ hours a day, you get pretty good at it. If you haven’t, take some time and watch some of these streamers in action.

Just watching a good player first-hand can improve how you play, you’ll start to naturally pick better flanks and make better decisions in the heat of the moment. Try to find a streamer who explains why they’re doing things as they play. Some streamers are entertaining for other reasons, but if you actually want to improve — look for a more serious streamer.

Practice makes perfect

If you already knew all of these tips and have been utilizing them, you probably just need some more practice. Remember that the best players are putting insane 60+ hours weeks into the game.

Unless you’re making a career out of Valorant (or have lots of free time), you probably won’t be able to beat these players. But, you can probably stomp 90% of players just by putting in some effort and practicing daily.