How To: Get The Recycle Bin Feature On Your Android Device

Those familiar with Windows PCs (and it’s hard not to be) already know what the Recycle Bin does. Unless you permanently delete a file (using the Shift + Delete option) it will be stored in the Recycle Bin, from where you can easily restore it.

Android does not have such a feature, but it could surely come in handy to prevent accidental deletion. Luckily, there’s a bunch of apps available in the Play Store that allow you to add the Recycle Bin functionality on your device, but today we’re going to bring Dumpster into the spotlight. This specific Recycle Bin app works great and it’s free, although you can remove the adds via a $2.99 in-app purchase.

1. Head over to Dumpster’s Play Store page to download and install the app.

Dumpster - Google Play Store

2. Once it’s installed, open it and agree with its Terms and Conditions.

Dumpster - Terms and Conditions

3. An Initial Setup page will appear, allowing you to customize several aspects of the app. Firstly, you can choose which types of files Dumpster should save in case you delete them. The app can save all sorts of deleted items, from photos and music to documents and other files such as archives, apk’s and can even save older app versions.

Dumpster - Initial setup

Secondly, there’s a number of options you can use such as the Auto Clean feature which can automatically empty items older than a user specified period, offer root access to the app (if your device is rooted of course) and a few more.

4. Now that you performed the basic customization, Dumpster will quickly analyze your system and then its main screen will show up.

Dumpster - Automated scan

5. All deleted files that have one of the file formats you marked for saving in the Initial Setup screen will show up in Dumpster. Just tap on a file listed there and select the Restore option to restore it.

Dumpster - Restore option

6. When you manage to gather quite a collection of deleted items saved in Dumpster, it can become hard to find a specific file. Luckily, Dumpster lets you filter files by type, so you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for much faster.

Dumpster - Sorting options

There you go. Now you can have peace of mind, knowing your deleted files are recoverable and you won’t be losing any of them by accident. What other useful solution for file restore are you using? Share your knowledge with us in the comments section!

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