How To Hide Your Instagram Account from Everyone

Naturally, when you post images on your Instagram profile, they become accessible to virtually everyone who has created an account on the platform. However, if you prefer to maintain a low profile and avoid drawing attention to yourself, there are several strategies you can implement to conceal your Instagram presence and hinder your contacts and the general public from discovering your account on this popular social network.

For instance, by eliminating certain details from your profile, you can ensure that even those with your phone number cannot locate your Instagram account. This way, you can maintain control over your online presence and the visibility of your content on this social media platform.

Instagram provides the option to connect your Facebook account with the app, and reciprocally, your Facebook account can be linked to Instagram. However, if your objective is to inhibit others from discovering your presence on Instagram, it is highly recommended that you refrain from linking the two accounts.

Establishing a connection between your Facebook and Instagram accounts allows both platforms to access each other’s friend lists. Consequently, when any of your Facebook friends decide to join Instagram, your profile will automatically appear as a suggested connection for them. As our goal is to minimize this possibility, it would be prudent to sever the existing link between your Facebook and Instagram accounts, safeguarding your privacy on both social media platforms.

  • Open the Instagram app on your device (iOS or Android)
  • Click on your account’s avatar in the bottom right corner

On your account’s page, click on the hamburger menu located on the top right of the page. After that, click on Settings.

After that, click on the Accounts Centre (its location depends if your device is on iOS or Android).

Click/Tap on your Accounts menu (again, the menu position might vary between Android and iOS)

Clicking on Accounts will show you all the accounts linked to your Instagram account, including your Facebook account. Click Remove, then Confirm to remove that account permanently.

Here you go, you currently unattached any Facebook accounts on you had linked to your IG account.

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The same thing can be done to the web page version of Instagram from your PC. Keep in mind that while the menus are basically the same, the position is slightly different.

Make your Instagram account private

One of the most straightforward methods to reduce your profile’s visibility on Instagram is by switching your account settings to private mode. This simple adjustment ensures that even if someone manages to locate your account, they cannot view your posts without obtaining your explicit approval beforehand. By making your account private, you effectively control who can access your content, providing additional privacy and security for your online presence.

This can be attained easily by heading to the Settings option once again.

Now go to the Privacy option.

And lastly, toggle the Private Account option.

Turn Contacts Syncing Off

If you truly want to be invisible on IG, we think this option is mandatory for many reasons. As the feature suggests, it will turn off syncing between your account and your contacts.

Visit your Settings page again, and press the Preferences menu. (this is for iOS, for Android, it may slightly differ).

Now choose the Contacts Syncing option and toggle it off.

Remove your account from the Similar Accounts engine

It is important to note that if the individual you are attempting to conceal your account from follows another account with a similar theme or content as yours, they may still inadvertently discover your profile. To minimize this risk, accessing Instagram through a desktop browser is advisable. Strangely, this specific setting is unavailable on any IG apps found either on iOS or Android.

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By utilizing the PC version of Instagram, you can effectively disable the feature that might expose your account to unwanted attention, thus further enhancing your privacy and ensuring that your online presence remains more discreet.

Go to your Instagram account and click on the Profile menu (left side of the screen)

Next, click on Edit Profile (located near your bio pic)

On your Profile page, you’ll notice an option at the bottom “Choose whether people can see similar account suggestions on your profile, and whether your account can be suggested on other profiles.”

Uncheck this option and your account will be removed from any Similar Accounts section on IG.

Your IG Online Status

Lastly, you can turn off your Instagram activity, if you want to be super stealth. While this is not mandatory, if you want to become truly invisible, it’s a good step.

We’re visiting the Settings page on your Instagram app once again, then Privacy.

Then go to Activity Status and toggle off Show Activity Status.

As the option says, everybody you follow and everyone who sends you any IG message won’t be able to see the last time you were active on Instagram.

Congratulations, you’re now a ninja on Instagram, nobody can see you anymore and all the people won’t be able to see when/if you were online.