Make your Android phone go automatically on silent while using it with this simple app

No one can deny a phone would be crippled without sound notifications – how else would you know someone if calling, sent you a text and other vital stuff like this while you’re away from it? Nevertheless, this isn’t necessary when you’re actively using your handheld. In fact, it can be downright annoying if you’re chatting with someone, playing a game or doing something else that requires your undivided attention. Whatever will happen you can already see it through visual notifications and sound is not needed.

Practically any of us could go ahead and place our phones on silent while we’re using them, but almost none of us actually do it. Firstly because we’re plain lazy and secondly there’s always a chance we could forget to turn the sound back on and go about our days completely oblivious to the fact we’re unreachable.

Super Silent – Free is a simple app that does one extremely important thing: it lets you set your phone on silent while the screen is awake and reverts to the regular sound profile while the display is turned off.

You might be tempted to think it’s not something very important but I for one have tested numerous apps that let you customize sound profiles for a variety of conditions such as location, calendar events, custom time periods and charging state, but the state of the screen was not among then.

Not to say there isn’t another app that can do what Super Silent does, but I for one haven’t found it yet. Google Play does have a way of hiding titles from small companies and independent developers like that. If you know other apps with similar capabilities, please let me know, I can’t wait to try them.

Super Silent - Free

With that said, Super Silent – Free can be enabled/disabled at any time from within its primary window. Then you can choose the sound profile for two situations: while your screen is awake, and while it’s turned off. The sound profile choices come in three flavors: Silent, Vibrate and Normal.

The rest of the options you see in the image above (the ones with gray toggles) are not available, since this is the free app. There’s a paid version called Super Silent that offers those features – it’s just $1 but I think most of you will probably get around with the free version.

The app, in its simplicity works perfectly but I warn you, it displays pop-up ads quite frequently. However, you probably won’t spend too much time within the app itself, so I don’t see this being a major annoyance. It’s definitely worth a try, especially if you’ve been searching for a way to make your phone switch automatically to silent when you start using it and revert to normal when you put it away.

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