How to Manage your Apple Watch Activation Lock

The Apple Watch is a small compact device, pretty powerful as well, being able to store so much information just like your phone or your iPad. With that, it is also necessary to keep it secure. Fortunately, Apple watches do not fall short on security features.  Its Activation Lock security measure lets you protect your Apple Watch using your Apple ID.

Here’s how you can manage your Apple Watch Activation Lock setting

Check if Activation Lock is On

The Activation Lock is automatically activated upon pairing it with your phone and as long as the watch’s Find My setting is on. To make sure it is, go to the Watch app on your iPhone. On the top of the My Watch tab, tap on All Watches. Tap the info (a circle with an I ). When you see the Find My Apple Watch option, this means that the Activation Lock is active and ready.

The Activation Lock will require you to input your Apple ID and password to make significant changes to your Apple Watch. This includes unpairing it with your phone.  You can also make use of it to locate your watch if it lost or stolen.

Activation Lock Uses

Mainly, you can go to to locate your watch. It utilizes your device’s internet connection, which, if it is turned on, will show you its real-time location. You can get directions to where it is or let it play a sound to trace if it is anywhere nearby. However, if it is offline, the service will only provide the last known location for the watch, for when it was turned on.

Additionally, you can also use it to remotely lock your watch or clear the data in it if you were unable to retrieve your watch.  

Removing the Activation Lock

Should you need to give your watch away or just want to let go of it for an upgrade, you can also turn the Activation Lock off.

Go to the Watch App then go to All Watches. Tap the info (a circle with an i ) the choose Unpair Apple Watch the enter your Apple ID to confirm.

If your need to remotely turn off the Activation Lock without the watch near you, you can go to, log in with your Apple ID the go to Find My… option. Select your watch’s name, choose Erase Apple Watch then click on the x button near the name.  

With the Activation Lock feature being impossible to be bypassed without your Apple ID, your watch will be, as much as we know, impossible to be reset or accessed by other people.

As simple as it may seem, Activation Lock is a default Apple watch feature that you should not take for granted or disregard at all.