How To: Record streaming media files

Cezar Renta

Media streaming has become very popular in the past few years, allowing users to watch or listen to their favorite media without downloading the full files. While many streaming sources don’t allow users to record the streaming or apply a small fee for this service, users can capture media streamings easily using dedicated software. There are many available streaming software out there, most of them requiring a small fee (below $40) but there are some free software available for download.

There are 3 major types of media streaming available:

– Real Media

– QuickTime

– Windows Media

The advantage of media streaming recording is that, you can save the files locally onto your computer and listen to them later without needing an internet connection. Also, the user can navigate through the streaming files (forward, backward) with ease. After the media streaming is completed, you can also convert the files to a more convenient format such as: DivX, Mp3, Wav or DVD.

Please be aware that media streaming recording and capture depends on your internet connection.

Here are some good programs that can help you capture and record your media streaming:

HiDownload – Record your media streamings with ease – $39.95

WM Recorder – All the popular streaming formats are available – $49.95

Screamer Radio – Record your popular radio streams – FREE

Replay Media Catcher – Stream capture software – $39.95

If you are a WinAmp user, we can recommend you a free plugin to record MP3 streaming to your computer, Streamripper