How To: Remove ads from Windows Live Messenger

Cezar Renta

While Windows Live Messenger isn’t one of my favorite instant messengers, certain work circumstances force me to use it. The most annoying things about Live Messenger are the ads that keep on getting displayed at the bottom, ads that I believe, diverted our browser to unsolicited pages one to many times. Fortunately, there is a way around this, for people using Windows Live Messenger. It’s called Live Advert Remover and by using it, you can block any ads that get into our Live Messenger windows.

Live Advert Remover works with any Live Messenger and MSN Messenger versions once you patched your system with it. Please note that Live Messenger banners will not be wiped completely, the banner will still be there, but never to be replaced with a comercial banner. Also, Live Advert Remover doesn’t work apparently with Messenger Plus!, but let’s hope that this will be fixed in upcoming releases.