How to Schedule Text Messages using Google Messages on Android

Texting is still an intimate and private way to get your message across and Google has launched their official Messages app to prove that text messaging is still.

Currently exclusive for Android, Google Messages is a quite impressive application that lets users send or receive messages via SMS, over Wifi, or using mobile data. It does not only allow users to send messages in real-time but to schedule them as well.

If you often forget sending greetings or reminders, this feature is perfect for you.

Here’s how to schedule a text message on Google Messages app

First, download the Google Messages app available on the Play Store and set it as your default messaging app.

You can do this by selecting the Messages app the first time you launch it. A window will pop up with a “Set Default SMS App”.

Tap on it then choose Messages then tap on Set as Default.

If you were not able to do this the first time you opened the app, you can go to your phone’s Settings the search for Default Apps.

Look for the settings for Default Messaging App then choose Messages among the selection.

All the messages and conversations saved on your mobile phone will be shown in the app. Select a conversation or choose to create a new message then add a recipient.

Afterwards, type in the message you want to schedule. Press and hold the send button to open the app’s scheduling options.

You will see the time zone that the app will be following for your schedule. Below it, you will see several preset schedules that you can choose. You can also set your own schedule by tapping the “Pick a date” option.

This will open a calendar where you can choose a date for when you want the text message to be sent. Simply set the date up then tap Next.

You will then need to set the time for the schedule then tap Next again.

The app will show you a summary of the schedule you set. Simply tap Save to confirm the schedule.

Once done, you should see the set schedule at the top of the message you’re typing. You will also notice that the Send icon now has a small clock with it. Tap on the Send button and your text message is all set to be sent on the schedule you selected.

Should you need to edit the date or you no longer want to send the message, you can tap the Clock icon beside the scheduled text message.

This will show you the options should you want to update the message, delete it or send it right real-time instead of following the schedule.