How to Send Disappearing Messages on Signal App

Signal is a free and instantaneous messaging app that’s been gaining popularity as it is ad-free and it features high-fidelity messages and HD voice and video calls. You can also send a Disappearing Messages on Signal, a great feature for keeping secrets safe or even just for the fun of it.

Note that sending Disappearing Messages does not give you absolute security for your messages. It can still be captured using a smartphone’s screenshot function just as long as the message is still on the receiver’s screen.

Here’s how you can send disappearing messages using Signal

Enable Disappearing Message Option

For Android

Open a conversation for someone you want to send a disappearing message.

Tap on the three-dot menu at the top left corner of the screen. From the options, tap Disappearing Messages.

You will be prompted with an option to set a time frame of how long you want your message o last before it disappears.  Choose a duration then tap on Done.

Afterwars, you should be able to see the timer details in the top toolbar.


Choose and open a conversation then tap on the contact’s profile name.

Afterwards, turn the toggle switch next to Disappearing Messages to enable the feature.

Once switched on, you will see a slider for adjusting the duration of your message. Swipe the dot from left to right to set a time.

From here, any message that you will sent to the contact you selected will disappear base on the time you set. This includes videos and photos as well. The messages you send will display a timer.

You can disable the Disappearing Messages by tapping the contact profile from the conversation view, then switching the toggle for Disappearing Messages off.

Sending Disappearing Photos and Videos

Signal also has a separate feature specifically for sending photos and videos. This will allow you to send media to an individual or group without the need to enable the Disappearing Messages feature or switch.

Open a conversation in Signal and tap the plus (+) button. For Android device users, the plus button is on the right side of the toolbar.

This will enable you to send photos or videos from your gallery or library. You can also use your camera to take a new video or photo that you can send. Note that you can only send 1 file at once for this feature.

Once you have selected a photo or video, tap on the infinity button below it.

This will let you set how many times the file can be viewed by the receiver/s. Tapping the infinity button once will set it to 1x, making the photo or video viewable only once.  

Hit send and the media will be displayed as a chat bubble notifying you sent a photo, video or media, without any preview. The recipient must tap the bubble to view what you have sent. After viewing it, they can close it and the media will be deleted.

You don’t have the Signal app yet? You can get the app on Google Play or Apple App Store for free.